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Run Node.js App in Ubuntu or any Linux forever

Updated: at 05:21 PM

There are several ways to manage and run a Node.js application which persists reboot/crash etc. One of easiest way we can use it using PM2.


PM2 is an advanced process manager for production Node.js applications.

Installing PM2

npm install -g pm2 # may require sudo

Starting the app

pm2 start ~/app/server.js

Note - If you are using ports less than 1000 then pm2 commands may require sudo privileges for this and all the following commands.

Saving the state

If we do not save, pm2 will forget the running apps on the next boot

pm2 save

Check status

pm2 list

Startup Daemon

PM2 can generate and configure a Startup Script to keep PM2 and your processes alive at every server restart. Init Systems Supported: systemd, upstart, launchd, rc.d

The following command generates Startup Script

pm2 startup

Remove Startup Script

pm2 unstartup